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*; Open Your Eyes

Hit It Up [31 Aug 2004|10:59am]
[ mood | .....yuppys.... ]

I Have a nEw LJ it's  gadjit7  so hit it up and comment on this to be added to my freinds List! LaterZ

*; 2 saw a vision Open Your Eyes

.. Can I say Anything. ... [19 Aug 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Today I practice with Concept 6 it was cool.Me and Jose seem to have everything down. The news ongs sound awsome some have herd it some haven't thats what so cool ......
I was siting at home today and this be sad memory hit me..
it was 'the day I left O.N.K. It was soooo sad :( gosh I miss them so much. It's funny we had are good times. I got good freinds out of it like Melow </3 shes so cool. Im just glad some PPL wanted me to stay. Mang what I need to do is sing conflictos with them but..everytime they play I dont have time or un-less somethingdumb happens hopefully one day at a back yard I'll hit those lyrics and have that felling of been in o.n.k. thats why im happy that i left that song behind with them im going to show up to prax one day. well thats all...STACY didn't answer her phone so thats sucked so I went to help my sis band . yhea well thats it Buh bye

*; Open Your Eyes

** IM BACK ** [14 Aug 2004|03:00am]
[ mood | .................... ]

*; Open Your Eyes

?Que agO? [19 Jun 2004|03:43pm]
[ mood | Happy ]

Dame weel It's Time to get back on this Journal... LOL
well I miss all My "Live Journal Freinds"
Vickie <3 Stacy <3 Addy <3 ands so on (lol)
Im staying at my cousin's house. Thats the #1 reasson
I didn't go to Concept 6 practice!
hope they ain't mad at me is a first after a long time!
Ive benn clubing and going to "hipHop" Flyer Partys aloT!
I met this giel name Adraina she is a hot mamasita and really nice.
good bye to my other hoe's Gia and Falisa:( they just satified my hunger ;)
(I need shirts )need to go buy some at Palms Spring outlets .....
I like the way I drees----> casual rock!
fabulous glameres and provacotive lol
welll ther is a show i want all you

Live Journal pepes to go to

Bands:CoNcEpT 6, Cerebro Negro,Los Skabrones,JustLikeBefore, Rude Pleague
O.N.K, Isolated Victims, Drunk Skunks and Seven to none + way more!
Location:854 E ADAMS BLVD. Corner of Adamas and Griffth
Los Angeles
Price:$4 all night

there's your 411 okay laterZ

Lova Yall's

*; Open Your Eyes

UpDated! [17 Jun 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | full ]

Dame,Its been a Long as Time seince I've wrote in this
mang well like as you guys know im not in O.N.K
any more sad but true!
I recorded "CONFLICTO" with them
for the Allen Theatre Comp. It was fun I sang
conflictos with them at the roxy it was
really hard to say good bye to ONK
but im glad i left some thing behinde
with is that song :(
well thats all laterz!

*; Open Your Eyes

a Show 4 You [12 Jun 2004|05:11pm]
[ mood | sick ]

*; Open Your Eyes

O.N.K [28 Feb 2004|09:27am]

*; Open Your Eyes

Show Of My liFE [25 Feb 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | excited ]

THE AQUABATS, REEL BIG FISH, FORCES OF EVIL,SURBAND LEGEGANDS, RX bandits and many other bands are playing at (The Henry Fonda Theatre) Friday March 26th..Hell yhea Im going(come on' its the aQuaBaTs) Im gana dress up this time...!!!!CANT WAIT!!!!

*; Open Your Eyes

HeLL yHea!! [14 Feb 2004|03:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey, you're Bikini Kill Kathleen Hanna

Everyone love you...except Courtney Love. You are
unafraid of attacking stereotypes and as cheesy
as it sounds...you just want to rock. But you
want to tell the world what's wrong with it

Which Kathleen Hanna Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*; Open Your Eyes

YuperS [03 Feb 2004|12:33pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

Yhea Well Yesterday I went to ONK prax then went to my freinds gathering because his dad past away it was sad. But what made me happy was seen me Jed and Roxy jose togther.Just Like we were in High School we even cried about it. It was sad because we dont see each other often anymore everyone has their own thing going on.Back then we would always have Time for each other. but its good that we can see each other and know we will always be their for each other. :)

*; Open Your Eyes

DayZ go By [03 Feb 2004|12:25pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well what’s been going on with me?
I played at the Allen Theatre 1/30/04 (concept6)
It was a very good show I had so much playing it! I’m glad people liked us
They also liked our new song “still unidos” based on or struggle to stay
Together as band.
I didn’t attend the back yard show the next day do to a hang out with Eric, Erick, Stacy, and Amada
Suck cause::CoNcEpT No-One Knows:: Played LOL that Concept 6 with ONK mixed band
I herd they had fun playing to bad I wasn’t their
CONCEPT 6 & ONK for Life
On the 1st of FEB
I didn’t sleep ;)
And today I’m going to ONK practice I don’t think I’ll sleep today also
Yhea umm….well that’s it
Vickie send send PICTURES LOL love U

*; Open Your Eyes

[19 Jan 2004|11:32pm]
I Find it hard to get over such heart break.But I'll get over it verry soon. I talked to **** and things are going to turn around.*** said is going to help me go threw this sadness and those words mean alot to me.cause it showed that ** cares

*; Open Your Eyes

SupporT! [17 Jan 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Hey FreInds I know CoNcEpT 6 IsnT the Bigest CooLesT BanD u guYs KnoW buT it woUld Be CooL to havE aLL youR guyS sUppoRT :) So JoIn The CoNcEpT 6 Community concept6  and find out abOuT shows ! from both Bands ONK and Concept6 caUse U knoW we be hoMies Like that .Thanks Guys LaterZ

*; Open Your Eyes

[17 Jan 2004|11:39am]
[ mood | creative ]

HeY JusT sArtEd thiS ComuniTy I hoPe SoMe Of Ya' JoiN.FreInds JoiN and SuppoRT! LateZ.

SHOW: 1/30/04

  • CoNcEpT 6
  • HeavY WeightS
  • Just Like Before
  • La Banda SkalaverA
  • Cerebro NegrO
  • Red Store BumS
  • RoncoVacoco

@ Allen Theatre(3809 Tweedy Blvd. City of South Gate)$8 all NighT

*; Open Your Eyes

Crippled and Lonely [16 Jan 2004|10:09am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

Well, My day started of cool. I woke up went to school past my test :) I did really really good in my Math (that’s a first) LOL but it was cool then after school I went to Dave’s house and we [Leslie, Orlin, Dave & Juan] saw Tink ;) and then headed out to josh’s house (trumpet from O.N.K) cause it was his birthday so they were throwing a surprise b-day party. It was cool we all had fun. Until jealousy hit again this time I couldn’t hide it. I started to cry In the ride back home. It hertz seen some you love seen someone else. Fuck stab kill me why don’t you !! *** saw me cry I know *** did. That why ** got all-sad when ** left the car fuck!!! Why do you do this to me. I need to get over it! But there is something missing to this a piece of this puzzle. I’m started to hate Ceci  mang I know its jealousy but if she wasn’t their this would of not hurts so much now. But it her fault but no se I’m broken I’m left crippled and lonely. Why was I left like this fucken destroyed.

Broken Destroyed  Left Crippled and Lonely!

*; Open Your Eyes

[14 Jan 2004|11:42pm]
[ mood | HearT BrokeN ]


Avese Yo me Pongo a Pinsar
en Las cosas que ponen yorar
mi corazon esta lastimado
sin tu es pura soledad

Pero lo que Yo seinto pr ti
No sientes por mi
es una Lastima
pero me pong a yorar

*; Open Your Eyes

FooLed By a HearT [13 Jan 2004|11:22pm]
[ mood | confused ]

I got my self into a puzzle a confusing mess
I falling for you but you don’t care
I seemed to fool my self into this mess
I Cry Cry Cry but your never there
I tear my self down your never there

Confused but I know theirs no future
That what breaks my heart?
But why do u do what you do
To play this puzzle
I cry cry if I have to
But I know you won’t be there
I cry cry for something that’s not there
I seem to fool my self to this mess

I know the feelings you have
Are never there
So I cry cry for something that’s not there
And cry cry but your not there
Why did you bring into your mess?
I falling but ill get up to face your face
And let you look at the last tear
As I move away
As my heart stays there

** A MigIcTrIck U DiD**

My heart hurts it feels empty
It’s like my hearts missing something
Sadness takes over my body
As a rained drop falls of my gloomy brown eyes
I now know you’ll never be there
But don’t cover me with allegiances
And fool with your fake charm
But what you’ve pulled out of you magic hat
Is a piece of my heart that you
Made vanish : (
-Erik’s (broken HearT)

*; Open Your Eyes

[10 Jan 2004|10:41am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Finaly Finished the c6 sites new Lay OuT go Check It out!
Concept6.spyw.com LateZ

*; Open Your Eyes

[09 Jan 2004|01:53pm]
Ajax w/ska!
LOS ANGELES. 4$ all Night
Go go ChecK out The DOpe Ska BanDs

*; Open Your Eyes

another simple day [09 Jan 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Yhea, I’ve barely Woke I cant for today I’m playing with O.N.K at the Allen Tonight Cant wait haven’t been on that stage for a wiel.LOL. I’m going to skank my ass off for Cerebro Negro. Yhea Well I’m kind of happy I talked to that person today *** it was cool cause I missed talking to *** in the phone. Well yhea ‘m of to practice I’m hoping Stacy is their we are suppose to be fairish today ;) yupe well that’s all for today

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